How to Get Medicare in South Carolina

SC Medicare

If you’re in South Carolina and have questions about Medicare, we can help!

The first thing you need to know is that a lot of Medicare is the same nationwide – it’s federally regulated. The F to N Medigap plans are the same throughout the U.S. The only difference between them is how much each insurance company charges you for that letter-plan.

The insurance companies (what states they’re in, the plans, and how much they have available in each state) can be somewhat different. There is even more state-to-state difference for Medicare Advantage plans and Medicaid

What’s the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

Though Medicaid has broad federal regulations, the specifics of eligibility and benefits are different for each state. 

Medicare Advantage plans and their benefits are even more distinct. They vary not just from state to state, but from county to county!

Medicare Supplement Plans in South Carolina

If you want to look into Medsupp plans (the F through N letter plans that fill in the gaps of Medicare)  you can go to a specific insurance company, or you can talk to an independent agent who can find you the best plan for you! 

Why MedSupp vs Med Advantage? MedSupps can be more expensive in terms of premiums, but give you peace of mind that your overall annual health costs will be more consistent. With MedAdvantage, if something happens that’s not covered, you can spend a lot more.

Before you do anything, make sure you understand at least the basics of the Parts and Plans of Medicare

It’s important to remember that the Federal government has standardized all these MedSupp plans, so a part G at one insurance company is going to have the EXACT SAME COVERAGE as any other company’s part G. The only difference will be the price. 

Read “10 Things You Should Know About Buying A Medigap Policy” on the South Carolina Department of Insurance website.

Medicare Advantage Plans in South Carolina

Medicare Advantage plans can be great – if you want a low or no premium, lots of benefits, and don’t mind the risk of paying more in case of a change in your health, a Med Advantage plan is a good thing to look at. 

These plans are different in every state, sometimes even each county. So, you’ll want to work with an agent on this. Or if you’re not sure about that yet, take a look here to find plans in your zipcode.

More Info: What are Medicare Advantage Plans?

Medicare/Medicaid in South Carolina

If you qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid, there is a very powerful type of Medicare Advantage plan called a D-SNP, or Dual eligible Special Needs Plan. These can provide a ton of benefits often at no upfront cost for you. Zero premium plans may be available in your area. Plus, these plans can give you gym memberships, wigs if you get cancer, and even help pay for your over-the-counter medications.

Read more: Medicaid and Dual Eligible Medicare info on Medicare.gov

And here’s a cool tool you can use to look up plans in your part of South Carolina.

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Brian Carter

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