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If you ever paid into Medicare Taxes or started to receive Medicare Disability you are entitled to Extra Benefits!

Most people NEVER get these benefits:

• $148.50 Back to their Check Each Month
• Transportation to Doctor & Pharmacy
• Massage Services

• $0 to Low Cost Prescriptions (Even Insulin)
• $0 Co-Pays and $0 Deductibles
• Meals Delivered to their Home

• Primary Dental and Vision Coverage
• Vitamins & Drug Store Items
• Telehealth

But they could at No Cost if they talked with a Medicare Coach from PandaCare!

The Medicare Coaches at PandaCare work for YOU, and NOT any insurance company, completely 100% FREE.

When You Need Help with Medicare, call PandaCare!

Our goal is to give you peace of mind by helping you get health coverage that fits like a glove, at the most affordable rate!

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