About PandaCare Medicare

At PandaCare Medicare, we believe there are some things in life that are nice to have, and some things in life you have to have. Health coverage is one of those have-to-haves

We’re not doing our job and our fiduciary duty if we aren’t getting you…

  • The best possible coverage for your situation
  • The most affordable coverage for your needs
  • Peace of mind

We believe you should have a professional Medicare Expert in your corner that you trust… a real friend who’s always there for you.

Because of those beliefs, we started PandaCare. 

The PandaCare Medicare panda waves hi!Why Pandas?

Pandas are cute. But they’re also a vulnerable species that has needed protection to survive and thrive. Medicare and insurance are simply methods for protecting yourself. We all need to protect our health, our money, and our families. 

Three Things We Do For You At PandaCare

  • We review your unique situation and any existing coverage
  • We educate you on your options to get you the best possible coverage and price
  • We stay in touch and available to inform and help you on an ongoing basis

Three Things We Do Differently At PandaCare Medicare

  • Value You: Some agents “sling” insurance (sell you policies) and then go dark on you forever. At PandaCare, we support our clients and foster long-term relationships.
  • Inform You: Some agents focus on selling and don’t value education. Some even cheat on their certification tests, and don’t know everything they should know. At PandaCare, we focus on developing and maintaining expertise so that you always get the best possible options for your situation. 
  • Accommodate You: Some agents aren’t willing to visit with you- they only work on the phone, because they’re more focused on maximizing their income than creating relationships. At PandaCare, we can do in-person visits, virtual, or phone, because we’re focused on what works best for you.

We’d love to help YOU. Please reach out to us today!