Brian Carter on stage

Join us for an in-person or online PandaCare seminar!

PandaCare provides live and online seminars because:

  • Education is the key to getting the best and most affordable coverage
  • Brian has a background in professional speaking and stand up comedy
  • We believe that a combination of teaching and entertainment (infotainment) is the best way to learn

panda giving a seminar

People need seminars because:

  • There’s a lot to learn. Even the basics can be overwhelming
  • People have a lot of questions
  • People have a lot of misconceptions they don’t realize are wrong
  • There are people and companies who are widely misinforming Americans and telling half-truths in order to make money
  • It’s fun to get together!

In Charleston and North Charleston, PandaCare has partnered with CenterWell Senior Primary Care, whose medical centers focus exclusively on seniors, to provide educational and sales seminars. CenterWell has offices and community rooms in both West Ashley and North Charleston. Check out their local events page for updates on upcoming seminars.

Online seminars coming soon!